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Need advice: Segmenting "dirty" computers

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New Around Here
Greetings, this is my first post. However, I've lurked here for years and tried to steal all the good ideas :)...

Here is my situation:

In my job, I deal with a lot of used computers. In preparing these computers for resale, I attempt to remove all the old data, any problematic software and update with the latest OS updates. Naturally, this requires the systems to be on the network to reach the internet. Usually, I load a recently-updated antivirus to the computer via USB stick (or CD-Rom) to scan the system before it is attached to my work network.

I realize that I need to keep these systems away from my normal work network. I read the article/how-to on Segmenting a LAN, and I believe this is a partial solution to my problem. This should help protect the rest of my network from an infected computer.
However, I think I need some type of firewall to help corral these systems from wreaking havoc on the rest of the internet.

In relation to this post (There's a lot more equipment on this network),
my network contains the following:
CradlePoint MBR-1000 Router (w/3G modem backup)
NetGear GS716T Gigabit Switch

The area where these systems are maintained/cleaned is connected to the rest of the network by fiber optic and connected via stand-alone “dumb” fiber converters. Therefore, they are uplinked to the NetGear GS716T as single port connection (fiber converter is plugged into a single RJ45 port of the switch.)

What should I place as a firewall (or guardian) to protect the rest of the network and the internet from a possibly infected system?

Also, if anyone has personal experience in segmenting a lan with the GS716T, please advise as I have NEVER attempted to segment a Lan.


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