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Need better wireless coverage - which device to pair with RT-AC3100 for AiMesh?

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Hello Everyone!

We have a large one-story home that has low signal/dead spots in the bedrooms towards the back side of the house because of a brick fireplace and chimney between the router and the bedrooms. AiMesh looks promising, and another AP/radio wouldn't hurt as we have about 40 client devices on Wifi (three teenagers with computers, iPhones, and Apple TVs, various smart home devices, and so on).

Which device would pair well with the RT-AC3100? Will an RT-AC68U/AC1900 suffice, or should I upgrade the primary router to an RT-AC5300 and relegate the AC3100 to the secondary node? FWIW, I would prefer to use WiFi for the backhaul but could drop a cable if it makes that much of a difference. Thanks for any advice and input!

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