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  1. V

    Current settings are saved as a ".png" (Solved)

    Hello This is my first post here so, noob alert. Let me know if I messed up. I have a RT-AC3100 with Asuswrt-Merlin Firmware Version:386.3_2. I was preparing to upgrade and when I saved my current settings, they saved as a ".png". I hit save a few times and each time was the same...
  2. K

    Solved Access Point 1/3 The Speed of Main Router

    I have an Asus RT-AC88U as my main router and a RT-AC3100 as the secondary router. They are connected via ethernet backhaul. The Wi-Fi speeds at the main router are 350 to 370 Mbps. The secondary router Wi-Fi speed is 95 Mbps whether it is configured in AP Mode or AIMesh. Shouldn't both routers...
  3. Robert Giuffre

    ASUS RT-AC3100 reboots using front USB3 port with 1TB SSD drive

    Hello all: I have an ASUS RT-AC3100 with the latest Merlin firmware, 386.5_2 and having an issue with reboots. The router is in AP mode. I have a 1TB SSD attached to the USB 3.x port on the front of the unit using a USB3 to SATA adapter cable, and the whole drive is shared as SMBv1+SMBv2. So 2...
  4. C

    Is AiMesh Working Correctly?

    So i'm noticing that with my AiMesh System the channels for each node don't seem to be syncing or is this how its designed?.. So I have 1 RT-AC5300 & 4 RT-AC3100 acting as nodes. I am noticing that with the Smart Connect feature enabled I get a DWB network on the Asus RT-5300. The issue is the...
  5. M

    Cannot Apply Administration Configurations / Cannot Delete Network Place (Samba) User

    Hello all. New user here. I have an Asus RT-AC3100 running Merlin's 384.18. When I go to Administration | System and try to save changes there, clicking on the Apply button fails with "This account already exists. Please enter a different name." I read somewhere that this happens if on...
  6. Robert Giuffre

    Disk Benchmark feature request

    I haven't seen this anywhere in the most current firmware, but it would be really cool to be able to have the router run a read/write benchmark to the attached storage. I am getting horrible transfer speeds on an RT-AC3100 with the most current firmware. It's an SSD attached with a SATA-III to...
  7. H

    Whats your opnion on ASUS RT-AC3100 Router

    Hi, So whats your opinion on ASUS RT-AC3100 router [the black one]? Refurbished goes for 139$ as far as wifi it wont be worse then my DIR-882 that has 4x4 and 4x4 750Mb on 2.4Ghz Plus ill get Merlin and ASUS gaming features like WTFast network + Dual WAN Amazon has bunch of negative reviews so i...
  8. Parallax Abstraction

    Cannot Update Signatures or Run Firmware Update Check

    Hey all. I swear I posted a thread about this issue before but can't find it so I'm posting a new one. I have an RT-AC3200 and have been running Merlin on it since day one. Recently however, it's suddenly lost the ability to upgrade the security signatures and run the new firmware check. You...
  9. Robert Giuffre

    RT-AC3100 drops local LAN visibility but not through DDNS

    Ok, here goes: I have an Asus RT-AC3100. I've worked with Asus Support for over 2 months trying to fix this, but they keep asking for the same info over and over and over. Fed up and gave up. But I am curious if anyone else has this issue. I have several Foscam IP cameras hooked up in...
  10. C

    SMBD no protocol supported error in syslog

    Asus RT-AC3100 384.13 Aug 8 21:20:34 smbd[7038]: [2019/08/08 21:20:34.518925, 0] smbd/negprot.c:706(reply_negprot) Aug 8 21:20:34 smbd[7038]: No protocol supported ! Not sure how long this has been showing up in my loges, I just noticed it since I updated to 384.13. No idea how to resolve...
  11. U

    5 GHz Connection Speeds on 384.13

    Thanks for the great work, @RMerlin ! I updated to 384.13 from 384.12 today on an RT-AC3100 and noticed almost immediately that my 5GHz 802.11ac clients were no longer able to connect at full speeds. The fastest speeds under System Log - Wireless Log -> 5GHz were 228 Mbps. I know for a fact...
  12. M

    Guest Wifi DHCP with separate subnet

    Hello All, I wanted to see about how I can get a separate DHCP range that is in a completely different subnet working via the dnsmasq.postconf file found via this tutorial. Here's a general overview of my setup: Fios > Enterprise firewall > Static Route on firewall pointing to WAN IP of...
  13. P

    RT-AC3100 - SMB issue

    Hey friends, I've got a USB network place setup through SMB. Everytime I copy a file into a folder, it changes all files and folders to "Read-Only." I can't change any file names or delete any files. I can immediately fix it by accessing the properties of the file or folder in Windows and...
  14. M

    AIProtection on = "TLS" connection timeout FF at specific sites RT-AC3100 384.6

    RT-AC3100 ASUSWRT-Merlin 384.6 firmware as primary router. Specific web sites fail to load with AIProtection turned ON, even with sub-components turned off, but not consistently. Constant seems having the MAIN AIProtection button on. Both an HP ElitebookG1 and ZBookG3 on Win10Pro. A bit of...
  15. M

    RT-AC3100 RT-AC68R Stay w/Merlin or Try AiMesh Firmware, third router recommendation

    Greeting, so on hand: RT-AC3100 ASUSWRT-Merlin 384.6 firmware as primary router Motorolla DOCIS 3.0 cable modem via Comcast RT-AC68R off line as spare, ASUSWRT-Merlin firmware Likely around 376 RT-N66U ASUSWRT-Merlin 376.48.3 in wired gigabit backhaul as access point/switch The RT-AC3100 can't...
  16. A

    Need better wireless coverage - which device to pair with RT-AC3100 for AiMesh?

    Hello Everyone! We have a large one-story home that has low signal/dead spots in the bedrooms towards the back side of the house because of a brick fireplace and chimney between the router and the bedrooms. AiMesh looks promising, and another AP/radio wouldn't hurt as we have about 40 client...
  17. Big-T

    Issues connecting 2nd AiMesh node

    Hey guys, I have a GT-AC5300 as my AiMesh Router with an RT-AC3100 AiMesh Node already connected. I ordered another RT-AC3100 for a second node, but every time I try to connect I get the standard "Could Not Connect Node for the following reasons: [List of everything in the ASUS FAQ]." I have...
  18. C

    VLAN traffic coming in on the wrong interface

    I know vlan tagging is not really officially supported, but figured I'd ask here if anyone has had the same issue as me... I have a 2 NIC pfsense box, with the lan interface having 2 extra vlans, 4 ( and 5. I have an Asus RT-ac3100 in AP mode with asuswrt-merlin running on it and am...
  19. J

    IFTTT with Asus RT-AC3100

    Hello, I tried to configure my router with my IFTTT account. I have enabled and configured the DDNS and remote access and this part is functional. When I enter the activation code, I always have a failure message. Who of you know the trick or made it functional?
  20. A

    AiMesh Node Keeps Disappearing

    I have an RT-AC5300 as the main node on the 2nd floor, an RT-AC3100 node on the 1st floor, and another RT-AC5300 as a node in the basement. The basement node is constantly disappearing/disconnecting, leaving me with just two nodes. When I reset it, it rejoins the mesh, and shows a full...