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Need to buy used Cisco Equip.

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I'm finally challenging my CCNA/P exams after years of putting it off. I know of a couple good books that come with decent network sim programs. However, in the long term I'd ideally like to get a nice collection of some used or old cisco equipment to bash around on both for general purposes and cisco exam prep. Ideally, I just want a couple switches and routers with a recent enough version of IOS to setup and test basic routing configurations (RIP/OSPF neighboring, configuring basic protocols, etc). Models aren't really of any importance providing they can do the basic tasks.

Can anybody recommend a good site for picking up some used Cisco equipment, or possibly if you have some used equipment yourself? Ideally I dont want to spend a lot (obviously), and I can get through without the equipment, but it's always better to mess with it first hand...
I've seen a lot of Cisco equipment on Craigslist lately. Some of them state it was for their Cisco testing (and they don't need it anymore), and other are people who are liquidating businesses that closed up shop

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