Netgear WNDS3400v2 now tries to access NTP server every hour.


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I own a Netgear WNDS3400v2. I have it set to e mail logs to me at midnight. Up until March 27 the router accessed an NTP Server every 5 days. The last successful update was on March 21. After March 27 the router appears to try to access an NTP server every hour. The router was unsuccessful sending logs automatically the past two days. The logs can be sent manually using the send logs radio button. I found the following thread that appeared on DSL Reports last year:
I contacted my ISP and asked Comcast Technical support if Comcast was blocking access to NTP servers and their CSR denied that they were. Comcast support recommended that I contact Netgear which I did. The purchase of my router included unlimited hardware support as long as I owned the router. When I contacted Netgear Technical support I asked their CSR for a list of NTP servers that the router accesses to update time so I could determine the source of the problem. The Netgear CSR immediately demanded that I pay $79.00 for premium technical support to troubleshoot the router hardware and obtain assistance. He said in a foreign accent that as long as I can access the internet there is nothing wrong with the router and refused to provide further assistance. I asked how premium support could help if I could not set an IP address for an alternate NTP server like some of the earlier Netgear routers did. "Use This NTP Server". He did not answer my question. Has anyone reading this thread experienced a similar problem and if so how did you resolved the problem. Thanks


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Sounds like a regression of the fix that was put in place a while back... Thanks Netgear folks...

An "unnamed" ODM some time back hard-coded a STRATUM 1 NTP server in their board support package that many OEM's used to design/make their gear, and this caused a massive DDOS on that NTP server (which as a top-tier server, impacts the entire internet).

No doubt, if I were feeling Comcastic at the moment, I would block those requests on my network as well from the clients. Thanks for the heads up - I'll check my end - I've got a few million nodes where this could be an issue...
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