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Network Overloaded with NAS + wifi? Is is possible?

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New Around Here
I'm having network problems here at my video production company.
We have a modem with internet of 500 Mpbs download and 250 Mpbs upload.
On a daily basis, we are 15 people connected to the Ubiquiti wifi network + 4 people via cable
Here's my setup:

Modem+Router -> switcher (connected to 10 cameras + Unfi Cloud Key + TpLink 8-port switcher)

This TpLink switcher connects the QNAP TS 264 + 4 wired computers, all with Cat6.

When the 4 computers are connected to the NAS, the internet starts to "overload" and the internet connection becomes very bad, no Google opens.

What do you believe it could be? How can I resolve this?
Welcome to the forums @onerbbbb.

Transferring huge files between a PC and a NAS will do that. Particularly if it is x4 PCs...

The PCs are transferring files, correct? Not just 'connected', as you state above?

Is the 'switcher' a Switch?

Is the NAS capable of greater than 1GbE connections? Is the Switch similarly capable?

For a video production company, I would imagine a 10GbE LAN network to be the minimum.

Please provide a diagram of how all the equipment is connected/configured. There may be a way to fix this with your existing equipment, even if you don't have 10GbE hardware.
I'm having network problems here at my video production company.
All else you'd mentioned aside, your declared Internet connection is suspiciously lacking as a starting point. You've got "more-professional" hardware than most folks here. Have you yet consulted a local networking professional about this matter?

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