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Using 2 routers (no bridge), DDNS configuration not working

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Hi all,

I'll try my best to explain the configuration I have here.

What I'm trying to achieve is: Be able to access my apache server using DDNS as I was before (When using only one router).

So, I have an ISP modem/router that cannot go to bridge (the reason is not relevant). He receives the fiber cable from ISP and has 4 LAN ports (and all the things a normal router has)

Also, I have a TPLINK router that is the one I use to everything inside my network.

For the sake of simplicity, I'll call them ISP and TPLINK from now on.

ISP is connect via PPPoE and has his internal IP as DHCP, wifi, is all OFF (I just want this to be the one who receives the internet, it's for the better).

TPLINK is connected via LAN1 to ISP, he is configured to receive a static IP, (from gateway DHCP, wifi, is all ON (He will be the one who I'll use to manage my internet).

TPLINK has his internal IP as and DHCP is serving from ->

All my computers, mobiles, servers are connected to this TPLINK and the internet is working flawless, top max connections and no issues.

I have 2 services I expose to the internet (Plex and Apache).

TPLINK has port forward configuration for those ( 32400 <-> 32400, this is for Plex for example)

They were not working, but yesterday I went to the ISP and enabled the DMZ pointing to TPLINK ( Plex started to work.

The issue is, Apache is configured to open if I go to my DDNS and use it:


TPLINK has the port forward as well ( 20080 <-> 80)

I thought DMZ should make this work as well, but it's not.

Also, the DDNS is updated with my current IP (I made it manually to test).

My questions are:

- Who, of the two, should be configured to update the DDNS configuration? (So I can have always the external IP updated correctly there?)
- How can I configure so the Apache starts to work?

- DMZ is the best idea for this? (or should I do port forward as well at the ISP?) (I'm asking it even for Plex that is current working with DMZ)

For DDNS, whichever has an implementation that will actually poll a remote server to determine your WAN IP rather than just reuse the IP of that router's WAN interface. If in doubt, install a DDNS client line inadyn on a LAN device (like your web server).

You might have a delay depending on at which frequency the DDNS client checks the current WAN IP. Some routers will let you adjust that, some won't. Inadyn on your LAN server would let you adjust that.
Maybe consider Tailscale or ZeroTier... and break out to a low-cost VPS...
I also have a setup where the ISP HGW (Home Gateway) has an integrated router with DHCP where one of the LAN ports is connected to the WAN side of my pfSense box which manages the entire LAN-side of my home network. To enable access from the outside to my Nextcloud, i had to configure port forwarding in the HGW for port 80 and 443 using the IP address that the HGW DHCP has assigned to the LAN port which is connected to the WAN of pfSense. DMZ didn't work for me either. I do need to point out though that this is not favorable in terms of network security if you do not have a solid firewall in your 2nd router and preferably https set up using a reverse proxy.

Hope this is helpful.
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