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OBSOLETE mhue - An Addon that controls a Philips Hue Light System

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mhue is no more. I have done a total re-write and archived mhue.

Keep an eye out for a much better utility called huetil

I have a first release of the Philips Hue script. It's called mhue.
I have tested it on an AX88U Pro and an AX58.
It does require Entware since most of the I/O to the Hue Hub is json.

I took an older script from a github user (Harald van der Laan) and ported it over to Asuswrt-merlin.
The original script used various bash commands that our built in shell doesn't support. Rather than force users
to install bash from Entware, it just went through and /bin/sh'd it.

I added a lot of new functionality to the original script. You will see at least 2 different quoting and structure philosophies.
It might not be consistent but I preferred to keep the part working, working.

One new area to keep an eye on. I added a function to generate an API Key (aka username or hash). Rather than tell you to go to the Hue Developers website and setup an account (it's free) then use a Philips web interface to generate this critical API key, I attempt to do it during the install. Its been working fine for me, but you mileage may vary...
If mhue can get an ApiKey it will show you a website that does step by step in getting this key/username.
Without this key, mhue can't do much.

Last - unfortunately I am out of town for 3 weeks starting Tuesday 19th of Sept. I can read threads and possibly respond. But, I am behind a CGNAT so I can't access my router that I use for development.
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To install, use your favorite shell and execute this command:

/usr/sbin/curl --retry 3 "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/JGrana01/mhue/master/mhue.sh" -o "/jffs/scripts/mhue" && chmod 0755 /jffs/scripts/mhue && /jffs/scripts/mhue install


Hue Lighting Control for Asuswrt-Merlin based routers


Using ssh/shell, execute the following line:

/usr/sbin/curl --retry 3 "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/JGrana01/mhue/master/mhue.sh" -o "/jffs/scripts/mhue" && chmod 0755 /jffs/scripts/mhue && /jffs/scripts/mhue install


mhue is a utility that provides a number of commands to manipulate lights, groups and scenes on a Philips Hue Hub.It runs under the Asuswrt-Merlin firmware on Asus WiFi routers. It requires Entware to be installed.

mhue can turn lights/groups off and on, change colors, brightness, hue etc. It also supports turning on "scenes" that are setup for light groups.

mhue attempts to support the Asuswrt-Merlin "AddOn" philosophy. It has an install and uninstall function and puts the executable script in /jffs/scripts (with asymbolic link to /opt/bin) and install a "conf" file in /jffs/addons/mhue.

Installation Process​

When mhue installs, it checks/downloads apps it needs (jq, column), sets up the /jffs/addons/mhue directory with a config file (mhue.conf).It attempts to get the Philips Hue Hub IP address and if successful, set's that in the .conf file.If it can't determine the IP address of the hue hub, the user will need to find it and put the information in mhue.con

Before mhue can issue commands to the Hue Hub, it requires and authenticated username (aka hash). mhue install will ask the user if it wants toattempt to get one from the hub.This requires the user to first press the round "link" button on the top of the hub, then press Enter when prompted by install.If successful, it populates the ApiHash (username) in mhue.conf. mhue is now ready for use.If the user decides to do this later or it fails, they can attempt it again wirh mhue by executing:

$ mhue gethueun

If mhue can't get one, the user will need to create a Philips Hue developers account (easy and free) and generate the ApiHash (username) following the steps here:


An example of a fully populated mhue.conf file looks like this:

# mhue settings
# ApiHash is required.
# If this field is empty, create an account an get and api key from:
# https://developers.meethue.com/login/
# then insert the key below

A good way to test the install and configuration is to issue a command to show all the lights, groups and scenes supported by the hub:

$ mhue show all


mhue supports numerous commands along with command arguments. Here is the present list:

Usage: mhue <command> | <light|group|scene> <number|name> <action> <value> [<value>]
power usage : mhue light|group n state <on|off> {color}
saturation : mhue light|group n sat <0-255>
brightness : mhue light|group n bri <0-255>
hue : mhue light|group n hue <0-65535>
xy gamut : mhue light|group n xy <0.0-1.0> <0.0-1.0>
ct color temp : mhue light|group n ct <153-500>
color cycle : mhue light|group n cycle <0-65535> <0-65535>
scene : mhue scene scenename group

show lights/groups/scenes : mhue show <lights|groups|scenes|all>
colors - list colors : mhue colors
convert - color to xy : mhue convert <color>

help (this screen) : mhue help
install : mhue install
uninstall : mhue uninstall
get hub username : mhue gethueun
Show hub config : mhue hubconfig

Many of the commands require what device (light or group) the light or group ID #, and action (state, bri,etc.) and command arguments (on, etc.).

For example, the command

mhue show lights

might produce a list like this:

Light 1 : Left Kitchen Shelf
Light 10 : Play gradient tube
Light 2 : Living Room Shelf
Light 3 : Right Kitchen Shelf
Light 4 : TV BackLight L
Light 5 : Living Room 1
Light 6 : Living Room 2
Light 7 : Living Room 3
Light 8 : Living Room 4
Light 9 : TV Backlight R

If you want to turn on the light named "Living Room Shelf" which is Light 2, you would issue this command:

$ mhue light 2 state on

You could also change the color of the light:

$ mhue light 2 state on red

This command turns the light on and changes it's color to red.

BTW, for a list of valid colors, issue this command:

$ mhue colors

Groups of lights are done the same. Each group has a Group ID. Again, to see the groups and id's issue this command:

$ mhue show groups

An example of output is:

Group 1 : Kitchen
Group 2 : Living room
Group 200 : TV area
Group 201 : Spotify
Group 202 : Den
Group 203 : TV Ambilight
Group 3 : Ceiling Fan
Group 5 : Living Room Shelf
Group 6 : TV Watching
Group 7 : Custom group for $roomTR
Group 8 : Custom group for $roomBR
Group 9 : hgrp-0000000510

To turn a group on for example (in this example, the Ceiling Fan):

$ mhue group 3 state on

If you have setup scenes for light groups, you can turn them on with the scene command.To find the available scenes (and the light group they are assigned to) use the show scenes command:

$ mhue show scenes

Scene Group
Scene_storageScene_ 2
New_scene 5
Festive_fun 5
Color_burst 5
Relax 3
Merry_Christmas 3
Scene_previous_ 3
Nightlight 3
Autumn 2
Warmer 3
Rio 3

For example, to turn on the Autumn scene for group 2:

$ mhue scene Autumn 2

To turn off the scene, you just need to turn off the group. For example:

$ mhue group 2 state off

There are also a set of utilty commands.

-show - shows lights, groups and scenes as known by the Hue hub
-colors - show the list of colors available for the Hue devices
-convert - convert a color to it's gammut x y coordinates
-hubconfig - retrieve and display the Hue hub internal configuration (in json format). Useful for debugging.

Here is the gihub Readme with instructions on installing and using:

Updated mhue to version 0.1.5

Fixed "state on color" command where the passed color was always deep blue. Now will change the light to the correct color.
For the colors command, mhue now prints the list of known colors in column format for easier use
Added an update command. For, this checks for mhue already installed and will download the latest if it is.

For now, you will need to run this command to update mhue:

/usr/sbin/curl --retry 3 "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/JGrana01/mhue/master/mhue.sh" -o "/jffs/scripts/mhue" && chmod 0755 /jffs/scripts/mhue

After this update, all you need to do is run:

mhue update

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