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Evening all.

Any signs of a wired only router with Asuswrt(merlin) support coming sometime in the future?

Plush :)


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I would suggest getting one of the 8 port models, and simply disable the radios for each band. Wouldn't that get you what you are seeking?


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Haven't seen that animal in the wild yet, (and I wouldn't be holding my breath for one soon), but I too would not recommend an 8-port model either (not the most stable LAN Asus offers, on any of the models available, long-term).

If you really need the best option today, the RT-AX86U with the radio's disabled is what I would persue. Although the RT-AC86U may be just as good for mere 1GbE networks.


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Morning & Happy New Year!

I'm pretty happy with the RT-AC86U with both radios on low TX (with SSID hidden) - to bypass the Plume mesh.
Apologies for the misleading title!

In honestly, I'm back from a year and half from a Draytek Vigor - weird experience and faulty IPv6 support (they initially said it was a ISP issue!).
Its web-UI is like stuck in 2004 :/

Regards, Plush.


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I've had VLAN support with the Draytek but never used, was hoping to use this facility with the Plume wireless mesh but had no VLAN tagging support and Plume got no interest in implementing this either!

Regards, K.

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