NextDNS error: "This device is using NextDNS with no configuration. Make sure you use the DNS-over-HTTPS endpoint shown below."

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New Around Here
I've installed NextDNS on my ASUS-AC88U running Merlin using the instructions @Olivier Poitrey linked. On the first day of install, the NextDNS status page for all my devices said I was using NextDNS under my configuration and all seemed well. Now, it gives me this error:

This device is using NextDNS with no configuration.
Make sure you use the DNS-over-HTTPS endpoint shown below.

I see nowhere to put the DNS-over-HTTPS endpoint in the router's interface! Plus I think it is trying to make me configure an individual device to use NextDNS. I thought I could do this at the router level.

Merlin has the option to set DNS-over-TLS, but the Setup page on NextDNS only gives me the link name, not the IP and SPKI fingerprint which I evidently need.

If I try to manually set the DNS addresses, I see they are already set to NextDNS's addresses.

My IP is also linked.


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Part of the Furniture
You would enter the DoT hostname linked to your configuration, e.g. Follow the Router / Stubby setup instructions on if not using the nextdns Linux app.


New Around Here
I actually solved this - I forgot that I initially installed NextDNS on my Linux desktop, then also installed it to my router. Apparently the two had conflicting configs/profiles so apparently NextDNS just defaults to no configuration on that particular device.

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