(NOOB) Definition of "minimal and manual configuration"

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@Amwjujo you should select to use the new one. :)


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@Amwjujo you should select to use the new one. :)
Yeah ... I know but my wife and the kids will kill me if I'll let them out of internet now with this isolation- especially in the evening .
So, testing like this for the moment


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Things change.

<This link> shows an older Asus. Halfway down is the B/G check box.

<And this link> shows a newer Asus. The check box is gone. Instead the pop down under wireless mode now contains "N only".

I'm not quite sure why the change. I'm guessing it's just a different way of saying either accommodate B/G or ignore B/G?
In response to a really old part of this thread: I just discovered this: If your router has Smart Connect enabled at the top of the wireless tab it won't show Optimize for XBox option.

Hugga Wugga

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Been investigating the forums, and basically came back with a few additional notes, and I put in setting locations, well as per latest Merlin firmware on an AC68U anyway.
11. Uncheck Xbox and B/G protection (Both bands). GUI > Advanced Settings > Wireless > General tab

Just been going through these settings on the stock firmware before I flash to merlin at some point in the next few days....

It seems that B/G protection can't be unticked when the wireless mode is set to 'auto' or 'N'. It only allows me to untick when set to Legacy. Whats the recommended option in this case?


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@Hugga Wugga suggested to leave it in Wireless Mode Auto. :)


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does running unbound on the pihole.. eliminate the option boxes in pihole web interface for a upstream dns server?
No, because you still need to point Pi-Hole to the Unbound instance also running on the RaspberryPi (e.g. or whatever configuration you use for Unbound). Pi-Hole isn’t really aware of Unbound otherwise. But you don’t want to use any public upstream except Custom (for Unbound).

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