(Noopquestion) MY OWN DOMAIN... so what to do now? AC-68U

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Hello everybody.

Since a few days i have an own *.EU domain and a static IP.
My Domainprovider let me config subdomains.

So what do i have to do, to reach my router under www.router.mydomain.eu

i googled around, but only find infos on how to setup DDNS (which i used to use and worked like a charme).
I am sure, this is a noob question, so please forgive me... :-/

ASUS AC-68U with Merlin 384,19
Kind regards


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Aahhhh.... okay.
I have to manage the "A Records" of my Domain.
I see i can change a lot of things at my Domains Account and think i will manage it :)

i put in my ip and a can reach my router.... so eveything good


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That's pretty much all it takes to get started. Your domain registry will allow you to redirect lookups, web services, email etc to your static ip. Then, all you have to do is setup port forwarding for the services you are actually running.

Just an FYI, these days, using a DDNS service will give you pretty much the same end result. So it becomes a trade off between the cost of the DDNS services (some are free) and the cost of a static ip (some are also free). There is nothing preventing you from doing both at the same time if you are so inclined too :)

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