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(Not specifically) VPNMON-R3 1.11 failure domino effect

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Okay, I've just realized that the list automation with the servers isn't working at all (TLS error). Unfortunately, it's extremely difficult to access the config, and I can't even get into the server list automation menu because the vpnmon closes, probably crashing. :(
I solved it manually by shutting down the vpnmon, fixing the servers in the GUI, and then starting the vpnmon again. This way, I can access the config because it doesn't start the restarting process, as all the monitored VPN servers are active.

Making sure your VPN slots work individually and can connect without issue is a must-have before starting VPNMON. Also, before entering any kind of server list automation statement, you need to ensure it's pulling back a list of valid IPs. Just run the statement itself in a separate SSH window from a command line to test things out.

When you run VPNMON, immediately before it wants to reset a connection, it shows a 5 second timer to (P)ause the reset. Hitting P will let you into the config/operations menu. Thanks for sharing and letting us know you got everything resolved!
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