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Offices seamless wireless connectivity

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How do offices manage to get seamless wireless wifi connectivity when people move from one room in a corner to another room in the other corner of the building or campus with their laptops whereas home mesh systems do not provide same seamless wifi as signal is lost even though momentarily when the devices switch mesh nodes. When normal access points which are non mesh are used to extend coverage of main router, the wifi signal is lost for few seconds or sometimes we have to connect manually to another network.
Because most home "mesh" systems are mesh in the name only, but in fact wireless repeaters placed in non-optimal locations. Multi-APs controller managed systems have better quality hardware and software, support more roaming assist technologies, support more clients per AP, work on different narrow channels better utilizing the available bandwidth, are usually planned with better coverage overlap using slightly directional APs, etc. There is performance difference, but it comes at higher price point. Some business class APs cost per unit more than both AX92U home routers you have.

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