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Optional route switching with VPN Fusion on ASUS-WRT

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I have an RT-AX3000 router in the US and an RT-AX82U router in the UK. I had them set up with each running an VPN client to the OpenVPN Cloud service on the web. Without any other configuration needed this enabled me to see all devices on both networks from both ends and it was working just fine for about a year.

With that set up I believe I read that the routers would route all connections to IP addresses within my two private networks through the VPN channel and all other connections through the ISP WAN connection.

I just upgraded the firmware on both routers to and it looks like this has changed. My OpenVPN cliemt configurations are now rolled into VPN Fusion and it seems like for any client that needs to tunnel from one network to the other it MUST be assigned to use the OpenVPN client under VPN Fusion. The ASUS documentation is typically sparse on this but I assume this means that ALL traffic from that device is routed through the VPN tunnel i.e. both the traffic between devices on my two private networks and the traffic between my devices and sites and services out on the web. This is not what I want. I am quite happy for general traffic to go through the ISP WAN connection, I just want to use the VPN to securely connect my two networks to provide an any to any device connection.

Have I understood correctly the way VPN Fusion works? Are there other settings I can change which would restore the routing behaviour I used to have prior to VPN Fusion? Or is downgrading my firmware to a pre-VPN Fusion version the only way to restore the way it used to work?

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