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Parallel Port Print Server?

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New Around Here
Hello all,

My first post here. I've briefly browsed thru some posts here, and this would seem like a simple one for you guys.

I'm a consulting engineer working from home. I'm working toward a NAS to replace an old file server (old dell) but that old file server also acts as a print server for my HP Designjet 430 (C4713A) parallel port plotter and USB multifunction that I use to scan.

Can you suggest a print server that will let me network the HP Plotter - I can't seem to find one. Even better would be a print server that would network both the HP Plotter AND the USB multifunction (its a Lexmark - used for faxing, occasional copies, and scanning).

Thanks to all of you. And Happy New Year!
The HP JetDirect 300x will handle the plotter. Google shopping shows a wide range of prices, so shop carefully.

Another option is to put an old laptop that you have gathering dust to work as the print server. Would handle both printers and is basically the same approach you are using now, just with smaller size and less power.

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