PoE Switch Advice Needed

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I want to get a PoE switch to run some cameras around the home. Never used or purchased one before. Would be great if you can recommend a good quality unit.

I'm going to run 5 cameras. But if I can also use ports for non PoE devices then 8 or 10 would be great so I can have some spares.

Many thanks


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you need to know how much power each camera needs and at what voltage.
Then find a gigabit switch with more than that total power budget and at least the minimum voltage. Make sure you have extra budget, say enough for 1-2 extra cameras.

otherwise you will need to use power injectors on cables that you don't have enough total budget for in the switch.

If noise is a consideration, look for a POE switch with external power supply and no fan rather than a switch with internal power supply and fan.


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Per @degrub's reply, I'd look for a switch that gives you at least 25% headroom for expansion, both in PoE budget and port count. Using a conservative max PoE estimate of 10W per camera, you're going to want a 65W-class switch (or higher) with at least 8 access ports, perhaps even 12 or 16.

I personally would look at the Cisco SG350-10P (or 350-10MP for 124W of PoE). They more or less set the bar for reliability and quality in the SOHO segment.


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I bought a Cisco SG350-10P to try. I would like to reduce my power draw over my bigger switches. I am going to set it up using layer 3. Cisco makes some of the best POE switches.

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