YazFi Possible to have guest assigned custom DNS and have Diversion working at the same time?


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Sorry if this has been asked before. I have an AC86U on 384.19.
Before YazFi, while DNS filter global filter mode is set to router, I can customize guest machine to use custom DNS under DNSFilter page. Diversion is working too for guest.
After install YazFi, guest IP is on another subnet which is good. Somehow custom DNS does not work anymore. Guest choose to use the Router DNS in Global mode. Diversion is still working. Is this expected?
I then manually configure DNS server 1 and DNS server 2 under guest network 1. Now guest is assigned the manually configured DNS. It no longer take the Router DNS in Global DNS filter. But Diversion is not working for guest.
Not sure if I have miss out any configuration. Is it possible to have guest on another subnet, forced to use customized DNS filter and also having Diversion ad block at the same time?

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