Potential custom router board with Celeron J6412

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Dual 2.5Gbps and dual 1Gbps ports, internal USB port for potential OS dongle, depending on OS.
Only one M.2 slot for a potential Wi-Fi upgrade, but there's another one for an SSD as well, plus a SATA port.
Sadly it's unlikely to ever be obtainable in retail.


Source: https://www.cnx-software.com/2021/1...i-itx-motherboard-offers-four-ethernet-ports/


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I recently discovered that even Asus has a number of similar products available (although once again, unsure if they are available through retail):

Most of those are going to be crazy expensive as well.
Asus is a strange company, as they're competing with themselves in several areas, as they own AAEON that makes the same or at least very similar products.

I was mostly intrigued by the board above, because it had a pair of 2.5Gbps ports, as well as two Gigabit ports, something I haven't seen to date.
Both DFI and Jetway have or have had multiple boards that have four or more Ethernet ports.

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