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Does the 1800 support a cluster-like management feature?

Is there a variant that does gigabit and PoE?

Really, what I'm looking for is a 8, 16,and/or 24 port switch that does vlans, poe and gige, and it'd be nice if it clustered too, but not necessary. And I don't have a Cisco budget. I'll probably end up giving up poe too, which leaves me at the procurve 1800 and the netgear GS108T. Man, it'd be nice if there was another switch like the srw2008p.

No the 1800 just has a fairly basic web interface with no cli, and no stacking features. It does not have poe either, I think you would have to go much further up the procurve product range to get the features you are looking for.
And I don't have a Cisco budget.

Check referb prices from a legit Cisco reseller, you might be able to afford some of the equipment.

If this is going to end up being at the core of your network and you plan on clustering / stacking to expand your port density, make sure you get a switch with a dedicated stacking serial port or a modular chassis ... it will save you time and money in the long run.

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