QNAP Announces AI For Storage, New NASes…And A Robot?


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QNAP's CES announcements for CES 2018 cover AI, IoT, robotics and, yes, a few new NASes.

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Mr. Easy
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I know QNAP is trying to expand beyond NAS. But why would they get into switches?


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We need more competition with switches, Imagine how affordable a 10GbE switch would become if competition meant that these companies could no longer tack on a gold plated solid diamond yacht tax.

We would likely see 8 port 10GbE switches for less than $50.


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it seems that with each passing day, my decision to opt for a Synology box over QNAP becomes an even greater and more obvious mistake.


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They just sent out an email announcing availability of the QSW-1208-8C today, and April availability of the "little brother" QSW-804-4C;
  • QSW-1208-8C: 12-port (4 SFP+ fiber ports, 8 SFP+/ RJ45 copper combo ports)
  • QSW-804-4C: 8-port (4 SFP+ fiber ports, 4 SFP+/ RJ45 copper combo ports)
Have not yet found any store in my region where any of these are listed, neither their price, but I guess they're getting close.
Official product page for the 1208-8C was linked in the email: https://www.qnap.com/en/product/qsw-1208-8c


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Good morning/afternoon/evening chaps!

I just stumbled across this (checking in on the updates on the QSW-1208-8C after finding out more info) and I pleased to confirm that this switch is REAL, it is being released soon and SPAN will have it in stock in around a week (not a vast number of stock... not a sales tactic, just a few in stock and back orders and pre-orders to fill).

here is my shameless bit of self-promotion...

Unboxing Video

Also here is the more detailed Unboxing NASCompares article covering a few more specifics, as well as dismantling the device a bit! https://nascompares.com/2018/04/12/unboxing-the-qsw-1208-8c-qnap-10gbe-switch-its-finally-here/


  • inside the QNAP QSW-1208-8C.jpg
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