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Apologies for the stupid question, but when setting bandwidth to automatic or unlimited, what effect does the various QoS modes have, if any, on traffic? Take, for example, adaptive QoS. If its bandwidth is set to unlimited and it is set to prioritize zoom calls, what does it do, if anything?

Context: CAKE works, but is crippled by wildly varying upload/download rate using 4G LTE. And I cannot stomach the extent of bandwidth sacrifice needed for total consistency throughout the week. My connection is around 50-65Mbit/s dl/25-30Mbit/s up, but can sometimes drop to 25 or go up to 80 Mbit/s dl.

Can I somehow make use of classifications to prioritize Zoom/Teams calls (without knowing available bandwidth at any given time), e.g. can I implement something like: when Zoom or Teams call is active, then limit downloads or Netflix to 10Mbit/s, else no limit active (since I only care about bufferbloat when using Zoom/Teams)?
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If I recall correctly, Auto is equivalent to something like 1,800Mbps, so useless when 'QoS' is the result wanted. Do not use Auto or Unlimited.

Always use a low enough setting so that you are throttling the connection, and not your ISP, if you want to have the most responsive network (lowest bufferbloat).

This may be an interesting read for you and shows that the normally recommended 95% of your ISP speed suggestions are not set in stone.


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