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[Question] Debating buying an Asus Router and using Merlin but have a specific use case...

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I need a router or solution that enables me to set up profiles to simulate different network conditions on all my devices: tablets and various phones of both Android and iOS varieties. https://nshipster.com/network-link-conditioner/ Exactly like this Apple tool but I don't have a MacBook to enable dev mode on my Apple devices and I need similar requirements for Android. Or this https://github.com/facebookarchive/augmented-traffic-control

Or another use case https://github.com/Shopify/toxiproxy. Ideally I'd be able to apply different profiles to local ips of each device, quickly swap between them to run all sorts of tests efficiently.

Modifying and simulating the following:
  • bandwidth
  • latency
  • packet loss
  • corrupted packets
  • packets ordering

Are there any merlin scripts or just core functionality that would allow me to do this?
No there's nothing built into Merlin that does anything like that.

No doubt someone will point out that you could achieve the same effect by modifying iptables rules (and therefore LAN to WAN only), but you'd have to develop it yourself from scratch.

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