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I used the search and I couldn't find anything newer than 2018 on this topic. As we all know, that's pretty ancient for technology.

Is FreeRadius2 still the best option for using RADIUS in your environment? Do people find that it isn't even worthwhile since streaming devices don't seem to support it?
I guess I think about this once a year. I just searched and came up with my thread.
I ran FreeRadius on a RPI for awhile years ago, I've never ran it with Entware directly on the router but it should be possible

I currently use the Radius server built into my QNAP NAS firmware simply for ease of maintenance (use GUI menu screens instead of CLI file editing)

AsusWRT-Merlin has worked for authenticating wireless clients in this setup for many years flawlessly for me. The only inconvenience is first time Windows clients require manually configuring the Radius/Auth connection protocols through wireless network connection setup vs letting Windows auto-negotiate/use default connection protocols which has never worked for me.

That being said if your clients don't support enterprise authentication it may not be for you. All my IOT devices (majority dont support enterprise) are isolated on another AP using WPA2
A few years ago on the forums, someone ported the VLAN, RADIUS and captive portal functionality from the BRT-AC828 to the RT-AC68U and compiled the firmware.

But don't know why he deleted the firmware and thread a few weeks later.

The BRT-AC828 is the only Asuswrt router I know of with a RADIUS server GUI, the source code is always available there, and someone has managed to do it once.

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