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2021 State of the router

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Thanks Merlin. You've re-awakened my inner Geek. My family is now used to me shouting "rebooting the network" now due to your generous update cadence. They don't seem to mind as my home network is now so stable. Happy New Year, Eric! Try to find some time to relax
Yes it is project like these that makes the internet worth while.
Keep up the good work!
And happy new year to you all! :)
Happy New Year to you @RMerlin , great year end summary!
You and Asus are a great example of open source and it huge benefits.
Both of your efforts make these routers not only powerful - but fun ;-)

I also want to wish and thank the many addon developers that have created software that makes our routers useful, powerful and feature rich…

@thelonelycoder , @Jack Yaz , @dave14305 , @ttgapers , Xentrk, @GNUton , @dev_null , @Martineau , @Maverickcdn, @john9527 others I‘m sure I missed.

Also, Happy New Year to the Entware crew, especially @ryzhov_al for their great contributions not only to Asus devices, but all the Linux/internet connected devices.

Looking forward to a hopefully improving 2022!
2021 was a crazy year in general... a wild ride for us Merlin fans too. Great to see this still going strong with so much support and passion from the user base.

Wishing everyone a very Happy and Healthy New Year. Bring on 2022. Stay safe.
Eric, I am so glad to hear that cooperation with ASUS continues -- and is even a two-way street. They have the engineering power and you have the innovations that, combined, have resulted in great products.
Thank you Mr. M

Happy New Year to you and eveyone on here in the forums.:)
Happy new year folks and even more to @RMerlin!
This year I had so much fun since I started to support two new models and I do have plans to support more in 2022.
All this thanks to Eric.

I wanna thank also him for the time he spend in replying to all my emails...he helped me a lot in analyzing issues and problems
that often pop up in my fork.
He is defintely a wizard! :D

Thanks also to the community to keep me going with this project. Supporting people with great software and trying to make
consumer eletronics last longer is one of the things I like the most.

Thanks again and have an happy new year!
H.N.Y !! :D
All the best & many thanks,
I wasn't going to post this, but I will anyways. Reading the OP by RMerlin was one of the reasons why I decided to stick to Asus routers. (I'm in process of upgrading router to wifi6)

There are plenty of fishes in the ocean but not quite backed like Asus routers. A lot of that credit goes to Asus' 3rd-party developers like Merlin and now GNUton/john9527 for forks to other Asus routers off of Merlin's. I have been using Asuswrt_merlin for a year now and official Asus firmware for many years before that. It's been very stable and has never given me any issue over the years.

I'm also glad to see collaboration with the manufacturer, which actually doesn't happen all that often in this tech industry. Most manufacturers don't typically care for 3rd-party developers enough to communicate with them in this manner & keep updated through personal email. If they are willing to hear you out, then they obviously take you and your work seriously. It's really something.

So yeah, thanks Merlin! And 10 years! 10 years is a long time to do anything, especially when it's not part of your job. It's certainly not easy, but you have done very well! Best of luck in the years to come (maybe another 10 years to come?). Happy new year.
Your project got me back into the Unix/Linux arena after a 30 year absence. I have you and your work to thank for that.

I hope you are having a great new year. As much as I, and no doubt many others, look forward to new updates from you, I do encourage you to find a healthy balance between work, AsusMerlin, and your personal life.

This was fun to read! Thanks for taking the time to write how it was like working on the project for 2021 :) Looking forward to State of the Router 2022 :)
Thanks, I always look forward to this post as a recap and a look at what's to come.

May we all be free of Covid life in the coming year.
The most anticipated thing in this forum every New Year is this thread. Thank you for all you have done, and hope that more developers (legitimate) can join this project in the future, expand this great community of Asuswrt -Merlin.

Happy New Year, hope my blessing is not too late.
Thanks as always for your efforts, RMerlin!
Support for the AXE-11000 cant come soon enough the stock kernel \ firmware is problematic and no one at Asus is taking it seriously. Thanks for your work.


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