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RBR50v2 - reset to stock or convert to satellite

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New Around Here
I picked up a cheap RBR50v2 which, I have subsequently learned, wasn't working properly - seems like previous user had a go at conversion and got stuck ?

Anyway I have dismantled it and have it connected it to my PC via a serial adapter and putty.

If possible I would like to convert it to a satellite, and failing that, set it back to stock router with latest firmware.

I have read through a few threads about the v2 bricking if done incorrectly, but as I have nothing to lose, thought I would have a go

So, for my satellite conversion attempt, I have changed the model id to RBS50 (from RBR50) and board data to 1102 (from 1101).
the router has a correct mac address

Do I need to do anything else before I try to flash the firmware ? and could someone please advise if i can use stock FW or do i (should I) use the voxel FW ?

Grateful for any advice. Thx
- I found the thread I needed.

Set model id and board data back to original settings and used tftpd to flash the firmware.

Looking good

Many thanks to all contributors ;-)

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