Reboot scheduler - requires login name change

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New Around Here
Good day. I am new to ASUS WRT Merlin.

When I select Enable Reboot scheduler to Yes, and Apply I get a message at the top of the page under the Router Login name stating:

"This account already exists. Please enter a different name."

I don't understand what the router login name has to do with enabling the reboot scheduler. I don't want to change the name or password, but admit I haven't tried to see if this would allow me to enable it.

Any ideas?


New Around Here
Thanks Colin, You seem to be correct that it is related to the settings. I had uploaded my settings saved before changing to Merlin firmware. A factory reset allows me to set a reboot schedule without the warning.

Now I need to figure out how to recreate the old settings in Merlin. Some of them were related to parental controls where a specific MAC (phone) was restricted from accessing some web sites. The phone to be controlled visits from time to time, so it I think I would need start over once it is connected to my network.

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