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Hey Guys,

I'm looking for a mesh system for a big flat with some issues (in terms of WIFI Coverage) as one of the rooms has a reinforced concrete walls, and the flat also have a big balcony.

So, a very good range router wouldn't do the job (I tried it with my friend's Asus ac86u)

If money wasn't an issue I would prob will go for the Asus XT8 Or Netgear RBK854, but unfortunately it is and my budget is up to 200-250 euros.

I did find a very good deal for the Ubiquiti Amplifi HD mesh for 180 euros (220 usd), I saw some very good reviews about that product but it worries me its only ac1750, should I worry ?

My internet connection is a fiber 1000mb download and 100mb upload, would love to hear your thoughts.



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Welcome to the forums @lirancoh85.

I wouldn't say the RT-AC86U has the best range possible of the routers available today.

An AC1750 class router is well below your ISP service, I would only buy that in 'test' mode before deciding if it fits your needs.

What issues did the friend's router give? What are your expectations? Are you going to have the mesh in wired or wireless backhaul mode? Too much Wi-Fi in too small a space can give suboptimal results than a single router optimally placed. If you have many neighbors very close by, the issue(s) are exasperated.

Are you able to physically move the router closer to the problem room? How big is the 'flat' in total in SqFt?

An RT-AX88U or an RT-AX86U (the latter wholeheartedly recommended) is what I would suggest. With RMerlin firmware (of course), optimal placement, and a fully reset/sanitized network config too to get the most out of the hardware.

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