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Remote Desktop under VPN Not working

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New Around Here

I have an RT-AX86U router with Merlin 388.1 firmware and everything is set up so far.

The modem in front of it is a Fritz Box 5490. The OVPN connection also works with the selected clients and the OVPN server is also running.

I can also access the RT-AX86U via OVPN with my smartphone to run Windows Remote Desktop and Plex.
But I would like to be able to access Remote Desktop and Plex without the OVPN server. It all works, only if the PC on which both are running is in OVPN, it no longer works.

There used to be a "push to LAN" option in the VPN settings with which you could set this, but that's probably no longer there. Can someone please help?

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