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[REQ] Traffic Analyzer Top 5 - include combined "all" clients

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Currently at Traffic Analyzer -> Statistic -> Top 5 the pie chart shows only 5 devices, which is a little misleading (arguably useless) because it only compares the data between these 5 devices. So if one device shows as half of the pie, we still don't know how much percentage overall that is, it could be 50% or it could be 0.1%
Would be nice if the pie showed 6th part as combined data for the rest of the devices, this way it will be showing how much data each of these 5 devices used based on total bandwidth usage.

Thank you.

From a quick look, I believe this can be done via a usescript.

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I was wrong. The pie chart does show top 5 clients with percentage based on the total bandwidth between all devices. It also shows all others clients combined into purple (#7C637A) slice. However there is seems to be a few issues:
1) there is no "Others" (purple) information tab
2) clicking on "Others" (purple) pie slice shows information about top 6th client instead.
3) the "Other" percentage is incorrect. It's being calculated by using rounded percent values from top 5 clients, which in my case produce slice of 5% instead of 1.2% (actually they are not rounded, they are "floor'ed" as in 34.999% become 34%, so with 5 clients it can be difference of 5%)

Fixed with userscript:

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