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Round router - antenna coverage considerations?

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Is anyone enlighted in the area of how an antenna in around router is affecting how it should be placed for best coverage? If it matters at all.

I have a couple of Lyra minis and before I make their placement final I'd like to explore if they are better off placed horizontally or vertically. In other words, on shelf or on the wall. The highest they can go is rather obvious but part from that?

My guess is that for normal usage it really doesn't matter but I'm still curious.


I have a couple of Lyra minis...

Lyra Mini default position is horizontal, but it can be mounted on the wall. It has mounting holes at the bottom.
The coverage in theory is 360-degree, but experiment and see if there is a performance difference in your particular setup.
I do know that they have holes for wall mount. I was thinking if the coverage is a an angle from center (north to south pole) and 360 around. "perfect" coverage using that anology would be 180 degrees spun around the vertical axis, givibg us a sphere. And if it's 90 but from north pole to equator it would be a half sphere. And so on.

Since I do not know how antennas work in devices like this, it could matter quite a lot. At least in theory. Say I want to reach both outside and inside of a wall. Depending on the antenna spread, it could be wise to consider how it is placed. If the underside is less effective then the upper, it would make sense to place it on a shelf. And that is not obvious by knowing it has holes for wall placement. I know it should work both horizontal and vertical, but am curious about if it actually matter.

Thanks for the input nevertheless! Much appreciated!
I know it should work both horizontal and vertical, but am curious about if it actually matter.

In your case most likely it doesn't matter. Lira Mini is probably similar to Lyra Home inside, with printed omnidirectional antennae around the perimeter. This device is not designed for performance, it's designed for looks. Put it in a place where it looks good. :)
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