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  1. 4

    AsusWRT Merlin with Asus Lyra Trio Mesh

    Hi, I am trying to get a grip on my WiFi Mesh and have the following situation: 1 pcs main router with internet connection using Asus RT-AC66U B1 (AC-1750) with latest firmware AsusWRT-Merlin 386.1_2 2 pcs Asus Lyra Trio AiMesh nodes I would like to add the 2 Asus Lyra Trio's nodes as AiMesh...
  2. B

    AiMESH and Guest Network - anyone got it working?

    I have 2 Lyra running firmware connected to my DSL-AC68 router running using Ethernet backhaul. These firmware versions are the latest at the time of writing. There's a menu option in the router Guest WiFi settings to enable sync to all AiMesh...
  3. M

    AC88U with 384.15 fw - alexa issue

    Hi, I have a AC88U and I am using AsusWrt-Merlin for the last 2 years. My Alexa integration was working fine. But I used it rarely. Yesterday I realized that it is not working. I disabled the skill and re-enabled, activating and registering both on router and Alexa skill. My router is seen on...
  4. J

    RT-AC5300 + Lyra MAP-AC2200 AI Mesh

    Went to the in-laws (Home 1) to setup a new network today to replace their shirtty Sky hub and it's made a good difference but I need to go back tomorrow and fix a few black spots in the most economical method possible. I also need to do something for my parents house (Home 2). See below for a...
  5. H

    Mesh with Lyras and NAS

    I'm thinking of purchasing Lyras but I wonder how they work with NAS devices. Most NAS devices support only ethernet connection, not WiFi, and the NAS device tends to be connected to the WiFi device. With a Lyra Mesh there are 3 or more WiFi devices. Does the NAS need to be connected to the...
  6. TheDude

    Round router - antenna coverage considerations?

    Hello, Is anyone enlighted in the area of how an antenna in around router is affecting how it should be placed for best coverage? If it matters at all. I have a couple of Lyra minis and before I make their placement final I'd like to explore if they are better off placed horizontally or...
  7. A

    Asus Lyra - Ethernet backhaul between 2 secondary nodes only?

    Hi! Is it possible to set up Ethernet backhaul between two secondary nodes only? (Asus Lyra AC2200) I have a system with 3 nodes (primary + 2 secondary) using Wifi backhaul. Now i want to extend the coverage to an adjacent building using a fourth node but cannot easily make a wired connection...
  8. W

    [Official Beta release] Lyra series AiMesh beta support

    Hi Everyone, This is the 1st beta release of Lyra series models for AiMesh support. Release note: - First beta release (based on branch) - Work with all ASUS models with AiMesh supported. - Lyra series covered: Lyra(MAP-AC2200), Lyra mini(MAP-AC1300), Lyra Trio(MAP-AC1750) -...
  9. T

    Interesting IP/Routing conflict

    I am using an Asus Lyra behind an RT-AC88U for whole home VPN. Lyra is a client of the main router setup as a VPN server. I noticed that in the Lyra there are 2 errors. 1 that states the WAN IP has an issue. I have tried the router IP, an assigned IP, the ISP IP, etc. Nothing will make...
  10. F

    RT-AC86U + Lyra

    Hi, I'd like to use my RT-AC86U as central router, with 2 or 3 Lyra's as satellite stations (mainly for aesthetic reasons). I assume this won't be possible until the Lyra gets upgraded firmware to be AiMesh compliant? I thought this was foreseen on the orginial AiMesh announcement, but I can't...
  11. T

    Lyra router as client through rtac88u as vpn server

    I am working myself in circles attempting to add a lyra system to my home. I have an rtac88u setup as a vpn server and it works great. I have been wanting to send items such as smart tv, fire tv, etc which don't generally support vpn software through the vpn server. In comes the lyra. I am...