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Router have connectivity but client doesn't

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New Around Here
I have RT-AX3000 running Asus Merlin 3004.388.5 which was working fine till today, now all my devices cannot connect to the internet via IPv4 (somehow IPv6 is working)

  • I haven't changed any configurations for the past month
  • Last upgrade was more than one month (from 3004.388.4)
  • Router is assigned IPv4/IPv6 through PPPoE
  • I've disabled IPv6 and restarted, same issue persisted
  • Router can ping internet IPv4 just fine, while other WiFi/Ethernet clients can't
  • DDNS is updated successfully
  • I can connect to the router VPN server from different network (but no Internet connectivity for the client)
  • I noticed that the nat-start script is not starting
  • I've restarted the router multiple times
Any help tracing this issue is appreciated

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