RT-AC5300 web interface not loading properly


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I got this weird thing that if I access the web interface / GUI then just a small part is loading and it stops there. If I click on something or refresh the page I get a login prompt once again and so it loops.

Android app seems to be working and for example I can reboot the router from there.

Operation otherwise seems normal.

Have the latest firmware applied.

Have rebooted from the app and done a power cycle as well to no avail.

Any ideas?

I know that I could possibly rectify by a reset but I'm trying to avoid that since I have to redo a lot of DHCP entries etc.



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Nope (maybe I should have mentioned that I've tried from several devices (and browsers) and that I've refreshed) so it's a issue with the router itself for sure.

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When I used the 5300, mine did the same thing from time to time. I would physically unplug the power for a few minutes, plug it back in & it would be fine. Wasn't often enough to mess with it too much so no idea why but yes, I encountered that same issue on different browsers/computers.
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It will not revert back to normal with power cycles (or reboots), it's static but it works and it accepts control from the app at least. It would be interesting if I could re-flash the firmware (same version (the latest)) and see if it does some kind of initialization but it's only possible to flash new firmware if new firmware is available (from the app) and obviously I cannot use the GUI so it's a catch 22 on that one.


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I would assume that it will go back to normal if I reset it but I want to keep my router settings etc. intact and this is also the main router in my AiMesh.

Would be very interesting if ASUS would release a new firmware version since that operation might restore things back to normal.

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