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  1. R

    Mesh Nodes Orphaning

    Hello! I've been having a standing issue with my environment - namely RT-AX55 Mesh Nodes. They seem to disconnect and then upon rebooting orphan from the system altogether. The issue being that this has happened so many times now that I've reached the 9 node limit while only having a few nodes...
  2. Yota

    Tutorial [Tutorial] Improve GUI loading speed

    On the RT-AC68U model, the GUI loading speed is really, really slow, one reason is the CPU clock speed, and the other reason is the ROM read speed. So, a few days ago, I started trying to mount all webpages on a RAM DISK to improve loading speed, and sure enough it significantly improved GUI...
  3. AppleBag

    Custom Themes?

    I'd like to create my own theme for Merlin, I can do so using a browser extension and editing the css, but that doesnt work too well for some things such as any images used as headers/seperators (i.e. in ROG theme). Is there some way to create our own and add them to Merlin itself so no browser...
  4. AppleBag

    Enhancement Idea: Show tx/rx for LAN clients in list

    On this screen, you can see the in/out of wifi clients in the tx/rx columns. It would be useful to have the same shown for ethernet clients: So for those of us who like to use this list as a sort of quick view of everything going on at the moment, everything is right there. Is there any way...
  5. AppleBag

    Missing a Site Survey page?

    I'm using the latest Merlin (Rog theme) on a GT-AX6000 and was migrating settings from my old 68U and noticed there isn't a page in the GT-AX6000 for the "Site Survey"? On the 68U: I can't seem to find it via any clickable link in the GT-AX6000 UI. There is a "Site Survey" in the GT (at...
  6. Dutchmike64

    TUF-AX5400 ugly web GUI

    Just picked up an Asus TUF-AX5400 router and although everything is fine, the web Gui is one of the most ugly ones i have ever seen. In fact it is so ugly that it is hard to use. I would much prefer the normal asus web Gui and if anyone knows how to get that installed i would be eternally...
  7. B

    RT-AC5300 web interface not loading properly

    I got this weird thing that if I access the web interface / GUI then just a small part is loading and it stops there. If I click on something or refresh the page I get a login prompt once again and so it loops. Android app seems to be working and for example I can reboot the router from there...
  8. Klavaro

    GUI and SSH access from tagged VLAN / Guest network.

    Hello everyone! I have a RT-AX68U router, and I'd like to set up VLANs and subnets to have a proper DMZ and internal network to build a homelab. I followed this guide which helped me set up the basic stuff. Problem is I can't access the GUI nor SSH...
  9. Alfsu

    Little house keeping - Status Frame

    Noticed the "StatusFrame" is given different heights depending where the call comes from: From main menu, have to scroll frame down to see Lan IP, PIN Code and MAC Addresses: <div class="NM_radius_bottom_container"> <iframe id="statusframe" class="NM_radius_bottom" style="margin-left: 0px...
  10. toaruScar

    How do I reorder tabs in GUI?

    How do I reorder tabs, so that "Statistic" is the default page when I click Traffic Analyzer, just like in stock firmware?
  11. M

    GUI Memory x Meminfo

    I noticed that the memory information shown at the router's web GUI ("Network Map > System Status") is different from the one shown by "/proc/meminfo". I read somewhere that the web GUI used information from "free" command, but the amounts are different as well. GUI # free total...
  12. AppleBag

    Feature request: Last Restart time

    Would it be possible to add a small text label somewhere on the main page (the first one shown when logging in) that displays the last time the router was restarted/rebooted? Maybe even just as an icon next to the green ones at the top right, and when the cursor hovers over it, the alt text...
  13. sentinelvdx

    [Question/Issue] AiProtection "Client Infected"/"UPnP Enabled"

    Hi, I've been checking AiProtection, and noticed 2 things: -The "scan" button, after clicking on it, shows the UPnP is enabled when it's not (at least not on GUI). Is there a way in the router to validate if it's a WebGUI issue or if it's really enabled? -The "Two-Way IPS" shows one of my...
  14. M

    NordVPN script change/start vpn server from gui on r7800 voxel

    I made a Nordvpn html/script for r7800 with voxel firmware This is a really basic script to change the nordvpn server from the web gui of the router After the change it restarts the vpn client . maybe someone can use it. // V2.2 added a stop vpn function the 4 files that are needed...
  15. wheelq

    Brokenb GUI

    Why is this still an issue? Brand new rt86u, latest merlin, chrome i incognito mode, all extensions off...
  16. AitschPi

    [Feature Request] Save/restore config of hostes in DHCP

    On the config page I can add hosts with fixed addresses line by line. How about to add an way to export and import a file of host data (IP/MAC/hostname) as CSV or other format in GUI LAN/DHCP. A new configuration of an existing LAN would be quite easier compared to a rebuild by editing line by line.
  17. Abdalrahman Alkamel

    RT-AC87U Wireless config Page is not working

    Hi there, has anyone had this issue before ? when I navigate to the Wireless page in Asuswrt merlin 384.7_2 I get the page not functioning, I am not able to change the config at all, I disabled my 5G due to overheating before, now I cannot change anything else. I am getting the following...
  18. M

    Can't Access Router via PC but can via Phone

    So last week I purchased the RT-AC88u router. I hooked it up to my PC via the network cable and then configured wireless and off we went. Everything is working great on the PC and all the devices connecting to the wireless network I had defined. Yesterday I noticed when I tried to navigate...
  19. P

    Lan DHCPv6 should be an option when selecting Tunnel 6rd

    Router: ASUS RT-AC68U On Ipv6 page in the GUI, you can select either 'Native' or one of the tunnels. When I select 'Native' (or 'Static') I get options to choose between 'Stateless' and 'Stateful' which enables DHCPv6 on LAN as shown here: However, if you choose 'Tunnel 6rd', then there's no...
  20. N

    Feature Request - VPN by SSID

    I've seen that the Asus Merlin firmware can be configured to support VPN by SSID (VPN over SSID1 and non-VPN traffic over SSID2 for example) by the following guide however this is quite complicated to setup and would be much better if supported through the GUI i.e. for example by adding a "SSID"...