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RT-AC66W block IPs outbound

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I'm trying to block access to a certain domain. I found some instructions to add rules to the firewall (here). But, this appears to be dependent on something called Skynet, which I don't seem to be able to run. I get an error about the IPSet version. From what I've read, I appear to be running a dinosaur of a router (???), so the latest firmware version available for this thing (380.70) is too old for Skynet to run properly.

I feel like it shouldn't be this hard to simply block access to an IP address, which seems like basic functionality, but I could be wrong. What other way is there to block some IP addresses on an AC66W running Merlin 380.70? I already have the list from the curl command in the linked post.
The best you can do with a router that old is to use Firewall > URL Filter or Firewall > Network Services Filter

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