RT-AC68U + AiMesh

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New Around Here
I am the happy owner of an RC-AC68U and would like to extend wireless coverage in my home and make use of the AiMesh function. Below is the idea that I had, however I am not 100% sure whether AiMesh may function as I intend or not.

Basically, the AC68U is used as my main router. From it, i have laid down ethernet cables to the first and second floor of my home. Each ethernet cable is connected in a different lan port in the router. On each of the two floors I would like to install and asus lyra mini. Each lyra mini would be connected to the aforementioned ethernet cable.

In the situation described above, can I set-up a single AiMesh wi-fi network between the main AC68U router and the two lyra mini nodes sot that my devices automatically roam between the three routers, depending on the one that has the most powerful signal?

Also feel free to give different recommendations if you consider them necessary however, please keep in mind that I would like to make use of the ethernet cables from the 1st and 2nd floor and not just have a simple wifi range extender.

Thank you.


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Should work like supposed to, but I dont know how reliable Lyra mini are. From router connect to each Lyra WAN port and you can use Lyra LAN port to extend LAN to clients.
How strong is your signal in first floor, it isnt good to have too many WiFi signals, depending on your situation could be better to have none in first floor only on 2nd.
You have to test it, nobody can tell what will be best.
Other option to place 1st floor router on the other side of house (or whatever), so that all routers are not close together (one above the other), and it will maximise coverage.
You could consider to use 2x RT-AC66U_B1 (very cheap now, same as 68U but in 66U housing) instead of Lyra mini.


New Around Here
Thank you for your reply. Signal at first floor is decent hower it does not cover the corners. I will try to have the devices spread out and not one above the other. As for the reason I was asking about the lyra, actually there are two. First of all, I found a good deal meaning that a set of two lyra mini is actually cheaper than the AC66U_B1 and also because the lyra is more easily wall-mountable than the AC66U or other full-size router.

I will go with the Lyra and let yo know once I've set it up

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