RT-AC68U pc behind wireless bridge appears offline

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Yipee Kaiyay

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wireless bridge is an old netgear router with ddwrt firmware. it's being used as a simple wireless bridge. it has it's own dhcp turned off.

I'm seeing a bunch of events in 68u's system log: "Class 3 frame received from nonassociated station"

If I manually try to add the MAC address it does show the name of the PC, but it appears to be offline to the router.

the internet works fine on this PC through the netgear wireless bridge.

any thoughts on how I could make this PC appear online to my 68U router?


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Yipee Kaiyay

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i'm gonna guess it's an issue with the wireless bridge. if i could delete this thread i would, but i don't see an option for it.

so thanks anyway.

edit: acutally it's not the bridge. when i connect another PC to it it shows up fine in the ac68u's client list.

it's just bizarre.
maybe i'll try changing the mac address of the intel lan port on the problematic PC and see what happens
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