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RT-AC86U - mesh node options

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I actually readjusted my antennas as per L&LD's suggestion a few days ago, and so far performance in the weaker zones seems to be a bit better now..so I may not need a new router after all. I do appreciate everyone's help on this topic though!
Just thought I'd post an update here in case anyone is in a similar situation as me in the future - even though performance was a bit better after readjusting antennae position, it still wasn't like before the basement tenants set up their wifi. Would often be laggy when viewing the outdoor security cam, so I continued to keep an eye out for deals on second hand routers. Was able to snag a really good deal on an AX88U Pro, and set that up. Noticed quite an improvement in the performance of the outdoor security cam, and while now much less laggy than before, it still wasn't quite as fast as it was before. I figured, might as well give AIMesh a try, adding my old AC86U as an additional node. That made a huge difference. Performance on the outdoor security cam is now just as fast as it was before. Happy now as overall network performance inside the house is faster than before (thanks to the AX88U Pro), and the outdoor cam and weaker zones in the house are now covered by the AC86U.

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