RT-AX82U and RT-AX92U help

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New Around Here
So i'll try to be as thorough as I can. I am new to all this. I have an RT-AX82U connected by wan and a RT-AX92U hooked up as a node. I have a motorola moca adapter connected to my coax coming in with a lan connected to the RT-AX82U. Everything is working fine. My Verizon FIOS STB's are getting internet connection through the coax. Everything that is hardwired works fine and everything that is connected to wifi works fine. When I use the network diagnostics on the Asus router app I get the "modem may be offline" message. Any ideas on how to fix this? Do I need to buy a separate modem and if so what will it do for the setup? Thank you for all your help! EDIT: So with a little more research as I should have done to begin with, VerizonFIOS does not use a modem. They install a ONT box outside and it acts as a modem. Should I still install my own personal modem?


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