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RT-AX86U 386.7_2 Internet not working after reboot and VPN Director not working properly.

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After upgrading from my AC86U I started to have issues with my internet after a reboot. The internet doesn't work despite the box showing the internet light is blinking and working. I can't even log in the router's site with a LAN cable connected to it unless I disconnect the WAN port. The only time I can get it working is if I disconnect the cable from the WAN port and login the router's site then going to WAN settings to turn off NordVPN's SmartDNS to ISP provided DNS. My older router didn't have this issue after rebooting and then the VPN Director isn't working like it should. I try to redirect a device to a website using WAN not OPENVPN via tunneling but the site still detects that I'm using VPN even though I put in many ip addresses from the website to make sure it's going through WAN not VPN. I Googled this issue and it took me to this site but the other users were on an older firmwire of merlin and their solutions didn't work for me at all. What can I do so I won't have to disable smartDNS and what can I do to make sure that a specific device goes through WAN to a specific web address? Is there another setting I am missing because it worked perfectly on my older AC86U via tunneling.
Sounds like something is borked... perhaps compare your settings to what seems to be working for me? I've detailed everything in the link below:


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