RT-AX86U Nat Loopback 2.5gbe

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New Around Here
Hi all,

This is my first Asus router. I was using the Nighthawk R8000. Upon switching to the new RT-AX86U router (updated to the latest I noticed I can no longer access my locally NAS hosted FQDN sites via the 2.5gbe LAN through port forwarding. I have several APIs that depends on it both internally and externally. Strangely it works via WLAN and 1gbe ports. I can access the locally hosted FQDN sites on all the WiFi and 1gbe devices except 2.5gbe wired ones. Is this a bug?

My LAN layout is as follows: ONR fiber bridged -> RT-AX86U WAN 1gbe port. RT-AX86U 2.5gbe port -> QNAP 2.5gbe 5 ports unmanaged switch -> NAS/PCs. RT-AX86U 1gbe port -> Dlink 1gbe 5 ports unmanaged switch -> TV/Blu-ray/IP Cam/Game console.

I saw a post about disabling QoS but it doesn't help. Have also tried SSH then curl from the router itself and it doesn't work either error connection refused. I can find nothing in the router logs.

I can't use host files (trying to avoid this on several wildcard domains) as the ports are not direct (e.g. WAN:80/443->NAS:1080/1443) and the ports specifically 80 is being used by the NAS http daemon. Using host file, the virtual host will always get redirected back to port 80/443 on the NAS which is running on Nginx port 1080/1443.

Anyone knows if the Merlin firmware works as I believe there's lots of reconfiguration to be done if I were to switch firmware can't just use the old config? Thanks in advance.

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