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Solved RT-AX86U Pro log repeats "WAN_Connection: WAN was restored" while red light keeps on and no Internet connection?

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Since the system log reports it (see below): What is the content of "/jffs/configs/dnsmasq.conf.add" ?
  • When I nano the content, it's empty?
  • What should be added there?
By default AFAIK its usually empty (eta: if it exists at all). If you use YazDHCP, you may see the following entries in the dnsmasq.conf.add file.
addn-hosts=/jffs/addons/YazDHCP.d/.hostnames # YazDHCP_hostnames
dhcp-hostsfile=/jffs/addons/YazDHCP.d/.staticlist # YazDHCP_staticlist
dhcp-optsfile=/jffs/addons/YazDHCP.d/.optionslist # YazDHCP_optionslist
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By default, this file is empty, isn't it?
By default the file doesn't exist. Trying to edit a non-existent file will open a new empty file. Or, having installed and then removed some third-party addons may leave behind an existent but empty file.
I really think that you should rule out that the issue isn't the same one addressed by:
The situation for which I wrote the script seems very similar - at exactly every 48 hours my modem would drop the ethernet link momentarily to trigger a downstream refresh, but the Asus router wouldn't pick up on this, resulting in loss of internet connectivity. The script monitors for this signal and effects the necessary refresh.
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Update: As it seems switching the cable modem fixed my issues.

Since then my Asus router no longer lost the WAN connection.

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