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RT-ax86u / pro mesh stability with RT-ax68u

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Currently have rt-ac68u with merlin firmware.
Looking to upgrade to rt-ax86u or pro version (no rt-ax88u pro in Australia)

Question: If I want to use asus's mesh software between new rt-ax86u (or pro version) and existing rt-ax68u, Is there any known stability issues with this combo.
Also does the meshing work with the routers using merlin firmware.

No known issues that I can recall (in these forums).

I would recommend using the same firmware (stock or RMerlin) on the main router and the nodes for the most stable network.

Buying the RT-AX86U (non-pro) model is not a good idea today. That model won't receive the upcoming level firmware with security and feature updates.

With the RT-AX88U Pro not available, I would consider the GT-AX6000 too.
Oops, I typed the title wrong. Should read stability with RT-AC68U not rt-ax68u.

The AC68U will work as an AiMesh node with the AX86U Pro. I have done that with an AC66U B1 which has the same internal hardware as the AC68U.

However, one should use Asus firmware on the node(s) for best reliability. And be aware the AC68U will limit the abilities of the AX86U Pro in the WIFI channels avaliable and limit bandwidth of the 5 GHz to 80 MHz.
You will be taking a gamble with AC class and AX class routers on the same network with both relying on AiMesh. I wouldn't recommend this setup to anyone if stability and reliability are your goals.

The good news is that the GT-AX6000 that I suggest trying in your environment above will probably negate needing the RT-AC68U at all.

In either case, the AX class router should become the main router for your network. And before blindly adding the AC class router to it, test first to see if it is needed at all. When testing, be sure all other routers/nodes are physically unplugged.

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