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Rt-ax88u pro Vs gt-ax11000 pro

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New Around Here
Hi all,
I've read several threads on very similar subjects to what I'm asking here, but alas I remain somewhat confused and I apologise for covering old ground.
I see there's a lot of love for the ax88u pro. One thread comparing it to the non pro ax11000 stated two of the main reasons being for the lack of merlin support and slower cpu... Said thread being from last year.
However, Ive noticed that Merlin now supports the ax11000 pro model and the CPU is now quad 2ghz.
So, I was wondering if you'd still recommend the ax88u pro in 2024 over the ax11000 pro?
Currently the price difference between the two (in the UK) is about £70 ($88 US).
For some background:
I used to build PCs but I'm a little outdated and admittedly lean more towards the noob side in terms of networking, but I'm on a quest to learn.
I unfortunately don't have cats in my walls, the only cats I have bar the one running up the stairs to the PS5 are the type that purr (which makes me very sad, landlords doing not mine, but I will continue to try, with a hope of one day being 'allowed' to wire my walls -_-). I don't have a NAS (yet, but plan on it).
But at present, my house is heavy on the WiFi, our coverage is awful (thanks to the ISP router) and so I was wondering if there was a case for prioritising the tri-band of the ax11000 pro over the dual band ax88u pro?
I have fibre, currently only 150Mb, but this will be increasing in 6 months time, hopefully to 1Gb.
I'm open to other suggestions, but would prefer to go Asus.
Many thanks in advance!
RT-AX88U Pro - BCM4912 + 1GB RAM + 2x BCM6715 radios
GT-AX11000 Pro - BCM4912 + 1GB RAM + 3x BCM6715 radios

Do you need your 5GHz band split on two radios?
Yes - GT-AX11000 Pro
No - RT-AX88U Pro

Do you like spider looking routers with RGB lights?
Yes - GT-AX11000 Pro
No - RT-AX88U Pro

Do you want to get now Asuswrt 5.0 Pro firmware?
Yes - RT-AX88U Pro
No - GT-AX11000 Pro

Thank you Tech 9, love your reply! 🤣

My answers being:
1. Unsure as to the real world benefits of this?
We do have mostly 5GHz traffic, what would be the realistic threshold/rationale for deciding to split it?
2. I'm light averse and my partner's an arachnophobe so... No, not really.
Don't get me wrong, I was leaning more toward the AX88U pro and now thanks to your reply, I'm in the running for a limbo world record.
So thank you!
1. Unsure as to the real world benefits of this?

So called 3-band router may work better is you have multiple active devices on 5GHz, you want to dedicate a radio to wireless backhaul to another router in AiMesh or you have a high-bandwidth low latency requirements device like a VR set. Otherwise you'll be good with 2-band router. Also, in the UK your 2-nd 5GHz radio will be in DFS channels range and not guaranteed to work, depending on your location and specific Wi-Fi environment. In short - perhaps RT-AX88U Pro is good enough for you.

Keep in mind Asuswrt 5.0 (also called, Pro or 102) firmware is stock Asuswrt only. Asuswrt-Merlin is Asuswrt 4.0 (also called or 388) based firmware. Asuswrt-Merlin based on Asuswrt 5.0 is not coming any time soon. In short - the Pro features on your Pro router will be available only if you run current stock Asuswrt.

Good luck!
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