Solved RT-AX88u still unresponsive 3 hours after firmware upgrade


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Greetings all

So, as the title suggests I bit the bullet and upgraded from 384.18 to 386.1_2 stable release after which like others I am unable to log in to configuration. Unlike some of the others I did read the release notes and am aware that it needs to be left “between 5 minutes and an hour depending on how fast the router is” for the databases to update.

I’m 3 hours in now and although it’ll allow me to enter the username and password (now and then lol) it is still unresponsive. I’ve thought about rebooting or resetting to factory defaults and trying again but I’m unaware if the databases need to update every time you do a factory reset or just the first time or even if it’s safe to interrupt by rebooting .... I’d hate to start again from scratch if all I should do is wait longer.

Any advice would be gratefully received. Thanks in advance.




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Ok, update everyone and for anyone in the same situation

After 5 hours and 22 minutes I could once again log in and configure. It was a little glitchy at first but seems to have settled down now. I am completing advanced config, adding the Aimesh nodes etc now. Here’s hoping.



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