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RT-AX89X - Multicast VLAN for IPTV

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New Around Here

After changing my ISP, this one provide me an integrated ONT/Router ZTE F6640.

The connection chain was:

FTTH ---> F6640 ----> RT-AX89X ----> Switch -----> ISP STB, LG TV, Android TV BOX.

Everything connected to the unmanaged switch worked without issues. The WAN configuration in F6640 Router was:


and for multicast:


I have changed the configuration of ZTE F6640 to bridge mode without VLAN assignment.


And for Asus RT-AX89X I have configured the WAN connection:


I am using one of the Dual-WAN interfaces and configured VLAN for Internet connection.


The unmaged switch is connected to LAN Port 4.

It is supposed that I have to configure VLAN 50 with PRIO 4 in that port but if I do that, no device attached to the switch has Internet access. The ISP STB (which is also and Android TV Box) needs Internet access but in someway also needs the Multicast VLAN 50.

Can someone explain me how the F6640 configuration works with both VLANs, 10 for Internet and 50 for IPTV/Multicast, and how can I make an equivalent configuration in my RT-AX89X?

Thank you and best regards.

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