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samba shared drive - Folder errors

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I have been using my Asus AC68u with Merlin for a very long time. I am running 384.8_2 firmware.
Recently, however, my Samba shared USB drives mounted to the router are giving me errors when creating Folders, either through the Windows 10 remote Folder Explorer window, or other file-backup programs (Syncback).

The Samba shared drive doesn't seem to reliably operate with respect to Folders- creating, renaming, deleting etc. I have seen Windows 10 errors 0x8007010B and 0x80004005.
I am not sure if there is some firmware / samba conflict with the most recent Windows 10 update?
New Folder An unexpected error is keeping you from creating the folder. If you continue to receive this error, you can use the error code to search for help with this problem.
Error 0x8007010B: The directory name is invalid

IRONICALLY, after getting the error from attempting to create a new folder, the "New Folder" actually appears with the "New Folder" name once I dismiss the error. I can't delete it (at bottom of folders) until I do an F5 refresh and it gives Error 0x80004005 An unexpected error is keeping you from deleting the folder.

My router USB - Network Place (Samba) Share / Cloud Disk is setup as:
...Enable Share = On
...Allow guest login = off
...Max number of concurrent connections = 5
...Device Name = AsusGuy
...Work Group = WORKGROUP (same as my PC)
...Samba protocol version = SMBv1 + SMBv2
...Simpler share naming (without the disk name) = No
...Force as Master Browser = No
...Set as WINS server = No

...All permissions set for r/w!
...Windows Errors happen on two separately mounted drives on Asus (USB3 and USB2).
...Disk Health Scanner is successful.
...The Windows errors happen in the Folder Explorer whethe I ahve the shared drive mounted as a drive, or whether I use the \\asusguy\pathtofiles method.

oh brother, now I am having trouble SSH'ing into the router.
I have turned Off "Enable SSH Brute Force Protection", I have LAN only and password required.
It worked last time.
What router admin settings will let me SSH from cmd line on PC?

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