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Secondary WAN Cold-Standby after reboot (RT-AC86U)

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After reboot:
and after that two interfaces work fine.

The sane situation if I set PPPoE connection as Primary WAN - after reboot PPPoE goes up and gets IP, but secondary WAN shows

I didn't want to do factory reset, so I tried another AC86U - same symptoms. I think there is some mistake in the firmware.
Dual WAN has always been a little buggy. That said, what’s the issue with it being on cold standby? I have dual wan setup as well and when it’s in cold standby, it fails over perfectly fine in my instance. Is yours setup as failover and does it do so successfully?
Sorry, at first I thought it was a bug, because I turned off Primary WAN in webui and the Secondary didn't become active after 60 sec. But when I unplugged cable of the Primary, the Secondary became active, exactly as you wrote. Yes, it takes a little bit more time 5 to 10 sec. than Hot-Standby, but it works))) Thanks!

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