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I have an AiMesh network setup with an RT-AC3100 and an RP-AC1900 with my primary computer hardwired into the RP-AC1900. Recently I had a wall and doors installed to create an office. This seems to be causing connection issues between the two devices resulting in my computer losing internet. I did find switching to a media bridge helped, but the connection was not stellar.

The biggest thing is I use the computer for gaming, so I'm looking for advice on the cheapest, but sufficient solution to bypass the wall? One thought I had would be to add another node in am adjacent room, in which case I am curious which model people would suggest? The primary router is about 4 years old, so I would be open to buying a new primary router of people think that would help.

Finally, I am also curious if using the Merlin firmware might help with this, or would simply be better to use either way.?


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Your RT-AC3100 has a decent range. A new router won't help much. Merlin uses the same wireless drivers as Asus stock. It won't help either. Any chance to move the node a bit closer to the main router? Or perhaps move it outside your "office" and just run a cable inside? Your wife won't mind a small hole on the wall, I guess. She doesn't want to see you after all.

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